Let Us Weep

The Good Friday Podcast

The ‘Jesus of the Cross’ is a Jesus we all need. He reminds us that the wages of our sin is death, and that we are to mourn the things that break the heart of God. The Jesus of the Cross also invites us to understand we have a God who has walked in our shoes, felt our pain, mourned for loved ones, face death. In this, we have a God we can relate to, one we can come to, one who ministers to us ‘from the cross’.

We recommend to experience this individually with headphones on. Feel free to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and explore your feelings and thoughts with God while the podcast plays.

Written by

  • Emmanuella Bonga
  • Ps Justin Ho
  • Ps Oliver Ip
  • Ps Jim McInnes

Performed By

  • Emmanuella Bonga
  • Deanna Denham
  • Ps Oliver Ip
  • Michelle Wong

For more information on the Corrymeela Community and the prayers featured in this podcast, please visit: https://www.corrymeela.org/