Vine Stories

by Amanda W

In the early part of 2012, Ps John Snelgrove challenged the congregation to pray and write down the area God had convicted us to serve. After praying, I wrote ‘K4C’ and dropped the contact form unto the flower pot the usher (Champion) was collecting. As I do not have children of my own, I thought assisting in the 5 years old group would be easier and most suitable for me. Two weeks later, I was called to observe a class, the 8 to 9 years olds. We called them Messengers. I was apprehensive and fearful at first to work with this age group but God gave me the courage to try and that is how it started.

What has remained constant is how we truly embrace a diverse group of ethnicities and nationalities.

Each Sunday, the Messengers class usually consisted of 7-10 children. We had only one class at that time as we had one service. Seven years later, we have three Messengers across three services with an average of 16-24 kids each time. The dynamics of the children have changed. The challenge has become more complex over the years as we have grown in numbers as a church. What has remained constant is how we truly embrace a diverse group of ethnicities and nationalities. I feel so encouraged to witness the children getting along with each other, sharing each week their faith, participating in class and learning to hear God speak to them in a personal way.

Reggie Joiner, a speaker/writer for the famous Orange Conference, once said: ‘What we do now for a kid is more important than what we do for them later as an adult.’ I truly believe and agree with this statement. I wished someone had invested time in me when I was a kid.

I feel blessed to be part of this community. I learn so much from these children about God, Jesus, and how to view the world and the Kingdom in a childlike manner. It is a such a privilege to serve alongside teacher volunteers who are committed to raising up the next generation and are supporting each other in prayers each week.

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