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May (second from right) and her family

by May Li

I was born in a traditional family with two sisters and a brother, and I was the youngest by 10 years. As a result, I was always left out and left behind. I had no authority to voice my opinion on anything, and my views were suppressed. As I came to adolescence, an out-going and talkative girl quickly turned into a timid and quiet teenager in secondary school. My siblings were always teasing and bullying me about my appearance – I was short and fat with a brown/yellow complexion. Depression and an eating disorder soon followed.

Spiritually, I struggled with following my parents who were devoted to Buddhism. I prayed for an hour every morning and evening to a statue of Buddha, hoping that it would help me to solve my problems but it was in vain. I couldn’t feel peace and joy. Many of my friends preached the gospel to me and invited me to experience the evangelism of Billy Graham at that time, but I rejected them. I hated Christians for being so annoyingly persistent.

Anorexia triggered many other health issues and damaged my health for years. It ruined my relationship with my father, who abandoned me. He told me to die and not bother the family anymore. I hit rock bottom: no career, no boyfriend (I split with my boyfriend of 7 years), and my mental health was gone. Suicide seemed inevitable.

I eagerly wanted to experience my own miracle – to be transformed, saved, and healed.

But the end of Man is the beginning of God. An angel appeared and took me out for a drink – I thought it would be my final drink before killing myself. But God destroyed that plan. He reached me through my friend, who brought me to her church. My heart softened as I listened to the testimonies of others. I heard how miraculously God works; how He transformed those brothers and sisters, pulling them from the negative to the positive, from timid to strong, healing them from cancer and eating disorders and a wide range of illnesses. I eagerly wanted to experience my own miracle – to be transformed, saved, and healed.

That was all happening while I was studying in the UK. When I returned home, I knew what I needed to do. I confessed my sins and repented of them, asking God to forgive me for not having taken good care of my health when I was younger, and for my inability to accept Him in my life. Then I prayed for healing and transformation.

The miracle happened. One day when I was struggling with depression and was about to take some pills for my anorexia, I reached out to Him. I said, ‘God if you heal me, I will serve you for the rest of my life.’ I felt a strong emotion coming over me and heard Him clearly. He said, ‘Throw away the medicine, I will heal you.’

He refined my faith to Him through all the difficulties and trials.

It was the beginning of my recovery. I started to read the Bible daily, pray, and proclaim God’s truth. I began to exercise regularly and changed my diet. Gradually, over the next year, my eating disorder disappeared. Within a year after that, I felt all of my mental health issues subside. God restored my confidence and taught me how to speak boldly in front of people. My career as a salesperson began to flourish. From being criticised by my boss as someone who was ‘unintelligible’ in front of clients, I began to grow. God brought me success. Clients started to be impressed and our company secured many contracts because of my ability.

For the past 14 years, God has never abandoned me, no matter what difficulties or challenges I have faced. From sales, I moved into recruitment, and I am now a successful headhunter.

He refined my faith in Him through all the difficulties and trials. He restored my health, my relationship with my parents and my work. He let me know how He is faithful. Even I failed and sinned, He still loves me, unconditionally. He has never left my side.

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