by Cherie Chen

As a newly formed Community Group, we started with the study of Fully Alive series and did exercises on recognising some gifts of our group members. As the study was ending, a need to connect with each other and with a bigger community was sensed. When this call to serve together was shared with the church’s missional ministry, we were very well supported and was introduced to one of the church’s local partners—Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, where we help improve the living environment for low-income families and the elderly. We were told how this also encouraged the missional heart of the leadership in church. Daniel and Hajin from the Missions Team took the time to get to know our group and also gave us a training session before the volunteer work.

Local Missions Core Team serving with Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong.

On the actual day, after the orientation, we were assigned to a household where we need to fix the peeling ceiling, do some painting, and cleaning the house. Getting rid of the peeling ceiling with a shovel was an intensive part of the day. The team including the Shifu (who was there to supervise us) was very dedicated and hardworking. We were also engaged in fun conversations during work and over lunch time. At the end of the day, we wrote a card for the couple and prayed for them.

This local ministry experience had really encouraged us to love the people in our city in a concrete way...

Going into someone’s living space and getting our hands dirty invite everyone to be present, forgetting about what we can do with the to-do list. While serving together, we got to see the different side of each other. Our interaction as a group has hence been more and intimate. This local ministry experience had really encouraged us to love the people in our city in a concrete way, and what’s more, to want to stay as a family and do what’s required of us.

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