by Gloria So

I’m Gloria and I’m Canadian but I am actually from Hong Kong as well. My family’s originally from Hong Kong, but we all left for Canada and I came here to work. I’m an educator and have been for the past ten years. As a teacher, I’m in charge of an extracurricular called the social justice club and the kids wanted something easy to fundraise last minute, so they were asking me, “Ms So can you please make us something so we can get some money for the club?”, and I made some postcards and I gave it to them and with no expectation, I told them, “Just use these and see what happens.” After the weekend they came back and they said, “Oh my goodness! At this conference, everybody really liked your work and people were leaving us the double amount that it was worth!” And from that, it kind of sparked this idea of “Hey! Actually people buy my products and maybe we can use the profits to do something good.” was really inspiring to hear his story and also to see how God can use me doing something creative...

At that time it was around Christmas and because I’ve done a lot of work with refugees in Hong Kong, I created some Christmas cards and wanted to do a small fundraising project. My goal was to give to one person anonymously and say to this person, “This is a promise from God that He hasn’t forgotten your hopes and dreams.” When I met that person it was really inspiring to hear his story and also to see how God can use me doing something creative and from that, I just started brainstorming and building something because there was a momentum going there.

I started Barefoot Love Collective, it is a creative company, and we do custom designs and creative Spread the Love Workshops to engage the public to be more creative and also to make a difference in their community. One hundred per cent of the profits we give to different NGOs and charities locally and around the world. Being a teacher and doing development work, we can easily get discouraged by all the negative statistics by the problems of the world, but starting Barefoot Love Co I have seen people from different sectors of society gather and work together to provide for a refugee family or to free people who’ve been trafficked so it’s giving me hope that people are doing something to make a difference in this world.

God will honour that because that's what He's called all of us to do.

Students often ask, “What is God’s calling for me?” “What is my purpose in life?” And if actually you look into the Bible, God already told us that it’s to help the widows and the orphans, to bring God’s justice, and to further His Kingdom. So as long as you focus on that vision, whatever talent, whatever path you’re on it doesn’t matter. God will honour that because that’s what He’s called all of us to do.

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