Dear Jesus,

As we put up Christmas decorations and prepare for the holidays, may we be reminded of your amazing love and humble birth. We welcome you into our hearts.

Be at the center of our lives this Advent season. When we sing Christmas carols, may our singing join the heavenly hosts in bringing praises to you. As we give and receive gifts, may we remember that you, Jesus, are the promised GIFT and that all good things come from you. May our work and study be an act of worship.

Lord Jesus, you came to proclaim good news to the poor and set the captives free. May your strong demanding love work powerfully in our city. Comfort the broken-hearted and turn all hearts to you. Open our eyes to the needs surrounding us and move us to act in love. May peace be upon our families, churches and Hong Kong. Come, Lord Jesus, come.


The Chens, Lawrence, Sharon and Chloe Grace

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