by Sobee Wan (Cantonese Community Member)


By the grace of God, I have overcome many hurt and brokenness in my life. In a place of solitude, I had a glimpse of who God is. I experienced His untouchable holiness, gentle power, pursuing love, heartfelt discipline, veiled yet consistent revelations for me to seek and understand. I enjoyed my time being alone.

Many sermons called us to community, but I was alone coming to church each week. When my Pastors repeatedly called me to do something, I could not ignore the calling.

“Yes”, I prayed.

During one of the service, I sat next to a stranger called Tina. We both liked hiking. We went hiking and she introduced me to her Community Group. Without asking too much I joined the Group. I am now blessed with a group of brothers and sisters sharing lives’ ups and downs together. We see each other’s ugliness and demands, still, we choose to accept and love each other. Sometimes being in solitude is necessary, and when I am in community, I get to see God’s beautiful pursuing love for His beloved people.

Being part of the community over the year opened my eyes to see how our Pastors and Elders love God and His people. It is a lot of unseen hard work. I try to help out as much as possible. Our group members continue to pray for our Pastors and Elders. We trust that God will pour out His loving kindness over them. We have the privilege to be at the front line to encounter God’s gentle power working in the Chinese Community.

In moments of distressed, I go back to the place of solitude, it is where I refocus and regain my strength.

There is never a lack of things to “do” to help out in the community. Leading a small group, prayer ministry, hosting an event, etc. If not careful, the “doing” and miscommunication come like waves to drown us. In moments of distressed, I go back to the place of solitude, it is where I refocus and regain my strength. I always need to remind myself that God does not need me to do anything. When volunteering, it is a chance for me to know that I am walking with God. When walking we talk to understand each other and He gently leads the way.

This image here was impressed in my heart a few days ago during the Sunday service. I saw myself peacefully reading under the tree, Jesus reached out his hand inviting me to walk with Him. I gave Him my hand and He helped me up. We walked together. This image became my inspiration when writing this sharing.

Inspire us and others!

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