The activities listed in this section are designed for families with consideration of children of all ages.

Good Friday is both a great opportunity for parents to minister to children about basic principles of the Christian faith, and it is also a beautiful time for families to collectively reflect on the price that Christ paid for us all.

Buried Hope

(ideal for children under the age of 5 years old)

An Interactive, Tactile Activity for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Materials needed:  a packet of seeds, a small pot of soil, and few drops of water and 2 media-playing devices (smartphone, iPad, laptop, etc.)


Lay out the planting materials with your children and discuss the seed as an analogy for Good Friday.  See sample script below.

“What do you think we’re going to do on Good Friday? Yes. We’re going to grow something from a seed. First, we have to bury a dry, dead seed (show one seed).”

“Yes, because we know that by burying this seed into the ground, we are actually helping it to resurrect into new life – a plant that will be food and have even more seeds.  That is our hope when we bury it that it will bring new life.”


Plant one of the seeds with your child(ren) according to the packet directions while telling them the Good Friday story. See sample script below.

“Good Friday is a day when we recognise how Jesus died and was buried similar to this seed. The Jewish people were looking for a saviour who would save them from their enemies, and when Jesus died, they were sad and disappointed. Their hope was gone.”

“Jesus had told them before that he would die and be raised back to life in three days, but they found that hard to believe because when people died, they didn’t come back to life. So, when Jesus died on the cross, people also buried their hopes for a saviour along with his lifeless body.”


Play the silent video above (on a separate media-playing device) and speak about the resurrection. See the sample script below.

“What Jesus’ disciples and the others failed to understand was that Jesus came to earth to become a man and to die as a sacrifice for our sins. He didn’t just come to save God’s people from their enemies on earth, but he even came to save us from the enemy of Death. Death could not hold him in the ground. Just like this seed, Jesus raised into new life! Anyone that believes that He is Lord and has risen from the dead will have everlasting life with Him in heaven.”

“Yes, because we know that by burying this seed into the ground, we are actually helping it to resurrect into new life – a plant that will be food and have even more seeds.  That is our hope when we bury it that it will bring new life.”

The Good Friday Story by Candlelight

(ideal for children up to 9 years)

A storytelling family activity for younger primary school children

A great way to have family devotions is by candlelight. It is a great way to convert the everyday surroundings into something special, and children enjoy the poetic ambience. You may even allow children who are old enough to help light the candles! You may explain to your kids that on the day that Christ died, it was a rather dark day for all, so the Good Friday Family Get Together will be in a darker room.

The Good Friday Story

Today is called “Good Friday” because it is the day that we remember Christ’s death, but why was it called “Good Friday” when Jesus died? Shouldn’t it be called “Bad Friday?”

That’s a good question. Well, I have a story of Good Friday with the answer.

Jesus had come from heaven from God the Father.  He was born into the world, and grew up to help God’s people.

Jesus healed people who were sick, fed them when they were hungry, and He taught them about God, His Father. The Jewish people were especially excited because they had hoped He was the saviour that would save them from the Roman government.

Others did not believe Him. In fact, the religious leaders were jealous of Him, and decided to arrest Him, tell lies on Him, and then kill Jesus on the cross. So, they arrested Jesus, told lies about Him, and hung Him on the cross to die between two bad men.

It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Suddenly, the sun stopped shining, and darkness came over the land until 6 o’clock. 3 whole hours of darkness!  Those who believed Jesus was the saviour lost all hope as He hung on the cross dying.

Then, Jesus cried with a loud voice. “Father, into your hands I give you my spirit. After that, He died. (moment of silence)

People who didn’t believe suddenly began to believe and said, “Surely this was the Son of God.”

A man named Joseph asked to take Jesus’ lifeless body to bury in a tomb. They wrapped Him up like a mummy and closed the tomb with a large rock (because the religious leaders heard that Jesus would rise on the third day, and they didn’t want anyone to steal His body away).

However, at dawn the next day, some women went to look at the tomb to find Jesus. And He was not there!

Who took Jesus away? (allow your child to answer)

Nobody took Jesus away. He rose from the dead on the third day just like He said He would! 
This amazing miracle would let everyone know that Jesus was the Son of God, and that we, as believers in Him, will also rise from the dead to be with Him one day.

If Jesus had not died, then we would not know these important truths.  If Jesus had not died, then He would not have been able to become the sacrifice to take our wrong doings and sin away.

So, that’s why we call this day “Good Friday.” Because of “Good Friday” we have hope in everlasting life with Christ.

Watch the Story:

The Bible Project: Luke Ch. 24.

Gallery of the Cross

For Creative Activity for Parents with Preteens and Teenagers

Materials needed:   Images from Gallery of the Cross. Paper and coloring utensils or canvas and painting materials. Candles or dim lighting. Instrumental music (optional)

Instructions: Read through the sample script together. Tap or click on the images to enlarge them. Swipe left on the image for a description.

Sample Script
“In celebration of Good Friday, we are going to do something special. We will prepare the atmosphere in honour of the sacrifice of Christ, which also helps us reflect on what his sacrifice means for mankind and for us as individuals.”

“One unique aspect of mankind is that God has given us the ability to transfer our emotions and ideas into art. So, it will be a great experience to explore art as we reflect on Christ’s sacrifice. Let’s first begin to look at the work of some other artists and think about what may have been in their heart and minds. We can look at the colours, the strokes, the images, and consider what messages are also there for us.”

Look through the images and discuss the different art works as a family.  Then lead into a discussion about disappointment and the death of Christ. See the sample script below.

“When they buried Jesus, many of the disciples and believers in Him may have felt like they also buried their hopes for a saviour right along with Jesus’ lifeless body. We all, as individuals, have had disappointments and we may have buried our own hopes. So, let’s just spend some time reflecting on some of our disappointments, putting our emotions and thoughts into our art.”

Spend time creating art.  Feel free to include music, candles, etc. to set a poetic ambience. Afterwards, have a discussion about the different creations before concluding the session.  See the sample script blow.

“With Jesus, death did not have victory over the people’s hope. Jesus was more powerful than death, and death could not hold Him. Likewise, Jesus is more powerful than anything that threatens our hopes. Jesus has the power to resurrect anything that we have lost hope about.”

Use this time to pray as a family about shared disappointments and pray for the resurrection of hope. Explain to the children that even as the women did not recognise Jesus after He rose, that sometime God resurrects our hope in a way that we may not recognise at first.