We invite you to join our corporate fast from 6–23 January 2020.

We desire to listen to all that the Spirit has to say to the church and as we corporately fast and pray, we are expecting that God will speak to many of you with words of encouragement, blessings, vision, challenge, and direction.

Please feel free to pass on anything you think would be relevant for our leaders to pray through by emailing prayer@thevine.org.hk.


For This Reason…

Day 1 – Beginnings  |  Day 2 – Repentance  |  Day 3 – Purity  |  Day 4 – Courage  |  Day 5 – Growing Through Pain  |  Day 6 – Lovingkindness  | 

Day 7 – Guidance  |  Day 8 – Suffering  |  Day 9 – Grace  |  Day 10 – Partnership in Prayer  |  Day 11 – Hope  |  Day 12 – Comfort  | 

Day 13 – Insight  |  Day 14 – Loss  |  Day 15 – Restoration  |  Day 16 – Wisdom  |  Day 17 – A Glorious Future  |  Day 18 – A Flourishing Finish

You can receive these daily devotionals during the fast. If you don’t currently receive our church emails and would like to receive the devotionals, make sure you sign up to our mailing list.

A series of short prayers for different groups in the society concerned with the present issue. We pray in faith, not by sight.

There will also be a prayer room set up during this fasting period. It’s created for you to have a more quiet and meditative space so that you can spend some unhurried time with God.

The opening hours will be 8am–9pm, from 6–23 January (except for Sundays). Click here to sign up for a time slot.

Download the fasting booklet here.

In the first video of our fasting series, Ps Andrew Gardener and Jemma Stephens will be discussing what fasting is, what the Bible says about it, and the significance of fasting corporately as a church.

In the second video of our fasting series, we will be discussing some of the things you should consider when deciding what you will fast from.

In the third video of our fasting series, we will be discussing some practical tips for staying focused and persevering through a fast.

In the final video of our fasting series, we will be sharing some personal experiences and top tips for making it through a fast.