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by Bomi Kim

A short-term mission trip to Iloilo has had a deep impact on my life, and I am happy to share my story with others. This was never going to be an easy trip for me. Right up to the point of boarding the plane, I had very low expectations – my faith was dim, you could say. I believed that God would do amazing things, but through my awesome teammates and the people there, not me…

God’s Calling
by Ken Lung

The Vine’s vision, ‘Growing Big People’, has impacted my spiritual development more than anything else. In the past year, I was set on a new growth trajectory. In spite of my limitations and weaknesses, God entrusted me with opportunities to serve across different areas of the church including K4C, Cleansing Stream, Missions, Men’s ministry, and co-leading a Community Group…

Fervent Prayer
by Thomas Shrestha

When I came back to Nepal from Hong Kong, I started to preach the gospel in my village. As I did this, many families in my immediate community came to know the Lord through me. In Nepal, most things are done together in community, from fetching water at one tap for one village, and field work, to even festival participation. Every hand is crucial to the well-being of the community…

Reflect on Life Together as a Family
by Cliff and Linnet Ma

It’s been in our heart to take the girls on a mission trip for some time. We have both been on Vine Missions trips even before we married, and have always found them eye-opening and impactful to our lives. Hong Kong is a place of extreme paradox – it looks and feels very wealthy and prosperous, but the reality is that there are far more people living on the opposite end…

Finding Home Again
by one of our May 2017 Baptisees

I was raised in a Christian family. My father converted to Christianity as an adult after meeting my mother. We attended a Roman Catholic Church. As a child, I was raised with Bible study and went through my youthful commitments of Christening and Holy Communion…

The Messengers
by Amanda W

In the early part of 2012, Ps John Snelgrove challenged the congregation to pray and write down the area God had convicted us to serve. After praying, I wrote ‘K4C’ and dropped the contact form unto the flower pot the usher (Champion) was collecting…

From Anorexia to Exaltation
by May Li

I was born in a traditional family with two sisters and a brother, and I was the youngest by 10 years. As a result, I was always left out and left behind. I had no authority to voice my opinion on anything, and my views were suppressed…

Uniquely Made by God
by Marlyn Malto

I am so grateful and thankful to God for leading me and my sister to The Vine. It’s been an amazing journey with ups and downs, trials and tough moments, which have been part of the growth in my life…

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