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Innovative Breakthrough
by Rebecca Lau

I was born into a Christian family and went to church with my grandma every weekend as a child. My family wasn’t rich. Growing up, my classmates would make fun of my clothes and belongings, which made me felt very ashamed of my family background…

by Lou Lam

I once heard someone say, that daily prayer and scripture is as important for a new mother, as milk is to a baby. I knew it would bring much-needed life and nourishment to my tired being. Life with two little ones has been quite a shock to the system, to say the least…

Becoming Fully Alive
by Cherie Chen

As a newly formed Community Group, we started with the study of Fully Alive series and did exercises on recognising some gifts of our group members. As the study was ending, a need to connect with each other and with a bigger community was sensed…

Walking Alongside Each Other
by Ting Henderson

It has been an honour to be able to walk alongside the people in our Community Group, called Oakhill, as they go through different challenges in their lives in 2018. Being able to spend time with them outside of a small group had been a rewarding time…

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We look forward to hearing your stories and testimonies. Click the button below to share with us.