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Bless and Be blessed, Transformation
by May Li

I have had the desire to serve the needy for many years and I believe God has put this desire in my heart. In the past, I have served the elderly, orphan, refugees and some low-income groups through different NGOs and Christian Associations…


A Ministry of Community
by Rabson Masih

In 2016, one of my friends was put into the Immigration Detention Centre. He called me and asked me to visit him, so I did. In prison, he told me there are many others in a similar situation to him. Since their families are far away from them, my friends asked if I could visit them too…

Drawing Closer to God in Prayer
by Deborah Mak

I always thought that I already had a good relationship with God, until I started working from home. Everyday, I would usually arrive at the office around 8am and have my quiet time before starting work at 9am…

Solitude. Community.
by Sobee Wan

By the grace of God, I have overcome many hurt and brokenness in my life. In a place of solitude, I had a glimpse of who God is. I experienced His untouchable holiness, gentle power, pursuing love, heartfelt discipline…